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Pecky’s Bio

Iyoha Peculiar hails from Esan Central, Eko-Ewu in Edo State. She was born into the Christian family of Iyoha on the 12th day of January in St Philomena Hospital, right in the city of Benin, Edo State.

She attended Uwa Primary School in Benin City and sat for the Primary School leaving examination in July 2002. She then gained admission into Winrose Secondary School also in Benin City were she schooled from Jss1 to Sss2 and then sat for the Senior Secondary School examination in June 2018 at Benhall Comprehensive College right in Benin City. She later went further to study Medical biochemistry in the University of Benin in 2010 and in 2014 obtained Bachelor of Science in Medical biochemistry. She undergone the one year Compulsory National Youth Service Corp scheme in 2015, National hospital in Abuja and was discharged from the scheme on the 4th of May 2016.

After Nysc year, she took solace in the Media and was into General and Electronic Media Branding. This caused her to get an Appointment as SA Youth and Students on Media to the Minister of Communications, Dr Abdur raheem Adebayo Shittu. An appointment she still holds till date.

She is a loving, down to earth and hard working diva who believes in fighting to get what you want not minding the obstacles on her way. She doesn’t believe in giving up and does not accept defeat so easily. She detests Pride, lies and Oppression of any sort.

Her philosophy towards life: Patience is a virtue, when you understand time and season you will envy no one, when your intentions are true even the universe will support you.

She is blessed with four Lovely brothers.